August 7, 2018

「一息つきたい!」、「リラックスしたい!」、「せっかくセブ島に来たのに!」 っとお思いの、お父さんやお母さん。

お子様が心配で、マッサージも受けられないですよね? ご安心ください! アヴァロンスパの隣の店は、日本人経営の託児所です。 安心してお子様をお預けできるのは、KidsPlayだけ! 幼いお子様には、託児所で遊んでいただきながら、英語教育が体験できます。 その間に1-2時間(マッサージ・ネイル・フェイシャルサービス)を、安価で楽しんでいただくのは、いかがでしょうか?

日本人経営店アヴァロンスパ ノーキスサイバーパーク店 営業時間 10:00am - 0:00am  

日本人経営店キッヅプレイ ノーキスサイバーパーク店 営業時間 10:00am - 6:00pm

August 7, 2018

Great news for Parents!

We have baby sitting service at Kids Play which located right next door to our Spa at Norkis Cyber Park.   Don't worry about your kids while relaxing at our Spa and you can have relaxing time.

Kids Play open hours   10am to 6pm

(No age limit)

March 1, 2018

First of all, allow us to thank you for being such a loyal and consistent customer to Avalon spa Norkis Cyber Park over the years. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we hope we have been successful in providing you with excellent customer service and products.

 Due to our running expense and tax going up, we are going to be raising our prices on all the massages and facial...

December 26, 2017


Thank you for choosing Avalon Spa.

End of year holidays Avalon Spa opening time.

We will be closing 18:00pm -20:00pm on December 19th 2017 for our annual Christmas party.

December 25th 2017 we will be closed.

December 31st 2017 Avalon Spa will open 12:00pm – 18:00pm.

January 1st 2018 we will be closed.

We will be open on January 2nd 2018 with regular opening time.

December 26, 2017

Avalon Spa Party Package Menu

The package rate for 8 people will be 11000php.

The package includes 2 Basic facial, 7 foot massage with scrub (1hr), 7 Swedish massage (1hr), 1 hour celebrating time and cleaning fee. Total 3 hours using our spa only for the party.  Feel free to bring food and drinks.

The package rate for 6 people will be 9500php.

The package includes 2 Basic facial, 5 foot mass...

December 26, 2017

Japanese Facial Mask Menu.


For elasticity and nutrition.

Recommended for water-oil balance and elastic skin.



Recommended for easing skin troubles and soothing sensitive skin, moisturizing and freshness.



For dark somber skin.

Recommended for vitamin and nutrition for coarse skin.


November 29, 2017


Basic Facial   <ALL SKIN TYPE> 750php

Extraction or Exfoliation + High Frequency + Massage + Mask

Rejuvenating Facial   <ALL SKIN TYPE> 600php

Exfoliation + Facial massage with decollete (20 minutes) + Mask

Diamond Peel   <ALL SKIN TYPE> 400php or 1000php with Basic Facial

Diamond peel + Cold hammer for 400php or

Extraction or Exfoliation + High Frequency + Diamond p...

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